Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some ways to find buyer/importer listings for the Canadian market
Terms of payment are negotiated by the buyer and seller depending on the countries, products, quantities, and their level of familiarity among other things. As a course of business, buyers may want to negotiate the longest time frame for payment possible. If you are dealing with a buyer that has...
Ask the buyer directly for as much information as possible regarding their company and product profiles.
To find trade shows in Canada related to your product you should review the Trade Show information for your product in our related Market Information Paper(s) available for free downloading by registered exporters.
To find your country/product tariff arrangements with Canada, please proceed as per below:
This question applies mainly to consumer products such as food (including health and supplemental), clothing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc. The major enforcers of these laws are the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA -, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA -, Health Canada (, and Industry Canada (