Dominican company access Canadian market with value-add exotic food products

If there is one thing Ramon Ortiz wants you to know about his country, it’s that the Dominican Republic has much more to offer than beaches and all-inclusive resorts. As Export Manager for Blutellcom, Ramon is on a mission to share the wide varieties of quality products that the Dominican Republic has to offer to the world. His company carries an impressive range of processed foods derived from the country’s unique tropical landscape. Blutellcom transforms Dominican exotic produce including zapote fruit, coconut and cacao into innovative and accessible forms for snacks, smoothies, baked goods etc. industry. His products are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and are certified organic and gluten-free. From powders, to flours, to oils and nibs, Blutellcom offers new and exciting ways to discover the rich flavours of the Dominican Republic.

TFO Canada was first introduced to Blutellcom in 2011, when the company was selected to participate in an Exporter Mission to Toronto. “We didn’t have any idea or information about how to attend events outside the Dominican Republic,” Ramon recalls. During the mission, Ramon participated in a market familiarization tour and trainings on the Canadian market, including how to contact buyers, follow-up with clients and meet product requirements. “TFO Canada provides the expertise and training that companies need when they decide to grow and change their situation. They showed us that exports can be easy,” says Ramon. After being exposed to the potential for his products in Canada, Ramon returned in 2013 to participate in the Le Salon International L’Alimentation (SIAL), an international food tradeshow in Toronto. TFO Canada supported Blutellcom by facilitating B2B meetings with potential buyers and coaching Ramon on effective business communications. “I think SIAL is the godfather of our company because it provided a lot of support” says Ramon Ortiz.

Blutellcom returned to Canada as part of the Dominican Exporter Mission to Toronto on the week of September 26th, 2016. During the mission Blutellcom had B2B meetings organized by TFO Canada and had the opportunity to present their good quality products to the Canadian buyers. Blutellcom plans to come to Canada for the SIAL 2017 Trade Show.

For Ramon, this is a dream that stretches far beyond the success of his company. “When I think about the company, I think about my country. Exports are not only about products. They are about the real potential of any country to grow and participate in international markets.” One of the products Ramon is most excited about is his company’s line of cocao products that are produced by a group of rural women called CHOCOLALA Agroindustrial. When Ramon was first introduced to CHOCOLALA in 2013, he was immediately impressed by the quality of the product and the passion of the women involved to bring change to their communities. “I tasted the product and from that moment I knew it was excellent. But the women needed support for labeling, packaging and quality control to really grow the business in supermarkets and international markets.” Blutellcom decided to carry the product and began promoting it at international trade shows. Blutellcom promoted the products at SIAL 2015. Through ongoing commitment and perseverance, what started as a dream for a line of chocolate products has now become a reality.

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