Export Readiness Quiz

TFO Canada and other organizations offer a wealth of information, advice and education to help you prepare for success as an exporter, and for the competitive Canadian marketplace. Your first step in accessing TFO Canada’s trade information services is to register your company with us if you haven’t already.

Selling goods and services to another country is about more than just knowing who the buyers are. Successful exporting requires time, resources and knowledge to prepare your products and your staff for a foreign marketplace, to identify specific opportunities, and to maximize the potential of a successful venture.

We have created this brief questionnaire tool to help put some context to your level of export readiness. Taking a couple of minutes to complete it will allow us to immediately guide you to the information and publications that may help you on your way to export success.

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Product/service availability

Do you have a fully developed product or service available in your domestic market?

Foreign market adaptation

Is your management committed to the cost and work of adapting a domestic product or service to a foreign market (adjusting for market trends, specific packaging requirements, specific health and safety standards, etc.)?

Competitive advantage

Does your organization have a competitive selling proposition (unique, innovative, high-quality, low price, etc.) for your product or service in your domestic market and/or other export markets?

Production capacity

Does your company have sufficient production capacity that can be committed for export, in addition to fulfilling your domestic and/or other markets?

People and experience

Does your company have the management knowledge, experience and commitment required to develop export markets?

Market development financing

Is your company able to commit the money and the time it will take to develop your target market, with no guarantee of future sales?

Market selection

Do you have a solid idea of the opportunities in the Canadian market, and the cost of doing business in Canada? Topics would include: potential customers, customer needs, size of market (volume and revenue), costs of servicing the market, typical sales channels, etc.

Canadian market experience

Does your company or its employees have any experience in the Canadian marketplace?

In-depth market research

Have you conducted any primary research (your own first-hand investigations) and secondary research (analyzing the research of others) for the selected target market? Sample topics to consider are: Does the product need to be adapted, and how? How is your pricing affected by the market, and what pricing strategy would be most effective? Where are the main buyers, and what are the delivery/distribution logistics? How and in what channels is your product or service typically promoted?

Market contacts

Have you made contact with any buyers, sales representatives, consular contacts or other exporters in your target market?

Canadian import regulations and standards

Does your company have knowledge of Canadian import regulations and standards (e.g. quality, health/phytosanitary, etc.) applied to your industry, or for your specific product or service?

Canadian import tariffs

Are you aware of the tariffs (rate of duty), if any, that affect your product or service entering the target market?


Do you have promotional material, online and in hard copy, prepared for the target market in the official language(s)? (In the case of Canada, prepared in English and French)

Packaging and labeling

Is your company aware of packaging and labeling requirements (types of packaging, languages displayed, nutritional information, etc.) for products sold in Canada? These requirements can vary by province or territory.

Export planning

Does your company have a detailed export plan that incorporates your market research, and that is closely related to your overall business plan?

Export financing

Does your company have the budget available to ensure production and/or service delivery to the target export market prior to receiving payment from the customer?

Shipping and distribution

Is your company aware of the various shipping and distribution channels available for your exports to Canada?

Logistics and managing risk

Does your company understand the Incoterms (Free On Board, Cost-Insurance-Freight, etc.) applied to your export transaction, and are you protected against risks such as non-delivery, payment default, etc. at every stage of the logistics cycle?

Intellectual property protection

Does your company have adequate knowledge on how to protect its intellectual property internationally, or how Canada treats intellectual property rights?

Please indicate your home country and primary industry