SunRun Software Corporation

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I.T. Services (including Software)

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I.T. Services (including Software)

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SunRun Software Corporation is a high technology company, mostly dealing with software development, especially educational software (e-learning ) and industrial software development. SunRun delivers effective solutions and products for educational systems such as school and universities or enterprise training institutes, covering intranet multimedia training system, VOD( Video On Demand) system, Video Broadcast system and so on. It also provides auxiliary software for PLC and other industrial systems. Most of our engineers come from large international companies with high software design capability and strong ability in software development, the four high managers have years of working experience in France and Japan, they not only join many software projects as core developers but also have much software project management experience, all of these contribute to our high quality software products. Currently,we have 6 core software engineers, and 4 high managers, 5 market promoters with years avenue of 500, 000 RMB, we believe it is people who can deliver high quality software products efficiently to markets, we also want to make international cooperation with foreign company.

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