Annes Perfections – a Commitment to Innovation, Consumer Wellness and Quality

For more than four decades, TFO Canada has been assisting businesses in navigating complex international trade regulations, identifying potential buyers and suppliers and establishing effective partnerships by providing personalized guidance, training, and resources.

One such entrepreneur who has benefited from TFO Canada’s  services is Anne Sarfo, the founder of Annes Perfections. Annes Perfections is an indigenous Ghanaian business established in 2011 as a health and beauty company which,s since 2019, has transitioned into a full food processing company., . The company specializes in producing nut- and cereal-based products, including smooth and creamy peanut butter, peanut chocolate spread, and breakfast cereals fortified with soybeans.

Licensed by the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority, Annes Perfections is a brand that stands out for its unwavering commitment to wholesome food. The brand uses carefully selected ingredients to produce safe, quality, nutritious and healthy foods with no preservatives. This results in a range of products that are not only delicious but also cater to the growing demand for wholesome, unadulterated food.

The relationship between Annes Perfection and TFO Canada goes back a long way as Anne’s mentor, Mrs. Agnes Gifty Adjei-Sam, Director, Marketing of Ghana Export Promotion Authority  who was trained and certified under the Export Marketing Mentoring Training of Trainers program under the International Trade Center (ITC) Project in 2019. In Anne’s words, “Agnes encouraged me to register with the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) and TFOCanada. Following her advice was one of the best decisions for Annes Perfections…Agnes is a pillar of support and a source of inspiration… She serves on the Annes Perfections board, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. She indeed empowers women, especially young entrepreneurs.”

Annes Perfections participated in a TFO Canada training program organized in collaboration with the Ghana Export Promotion Authority. The training was aimed at enhancing the SMEs’ export readiness and focused on gender, environment and climate change, and corporate social responsibility considerations. According to Anne, “These initiatives were already being implemented by the brand, but the training deepened our understanding of best practices. We gained access to new resources and networks, which helped us incorporate fresh perspectives into our CSR initiatives, helping us align more closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

Anne emphasizes the importance of extensive research, preparation and networking before venturing into new markets. “We participated in trade missions such as the International Food and Drinks Event in London.” The brand worked with TFO Canada and GEPA to gain more insight into the preparations for international markets. They were assigned a coach who guided them on what to do at such events. “Knowing we were going to sell internationally from the onset of the business, our products were labelled in English and French,” Anne says, adding that  “We ensured that we maintained high production standards and quality while gathering all the necessary materials to be used during the trade mission. We focused on refining our product presentation skills by highlighting key features and benefits and effectively communicating our unique selling points to potential buyers. We also ensured that our marketing materials accurately reflected the quality and value of our products.”

Finally, Annes Perfections developed a follow-up strategy to capitalize on the connections made during the trade missions by promptly reaching out to visitors who expressed interest in their products, providing additional information or samples as needed, and nurturing relationships to facilitate future business opportunities.

Annes Perfections has also received significant benefits from TFO Canada’s MBA program. In collaboration with Concordia University, a tailored Canadian market entry study was developed for the SME’s business and product offerings. “We are extremely thankful to TFO Canada for their support. Without their assistance, it would have been quite challenging for us.”

Annes Perfections attributes its success in exporting to the US and Canadian markets to low aflatoxin levels, highlighting natural taste, and offering wholesome organic products. These factors appeal to consumers valuing authenticity, health and sustainability. By emphasizing quality, safety, taste and organic options, Annes Perfections participated in SIAL Montreal 2024: “As an exhibitor…it was an incredible and exciting experience…interacting with visitors was key and engaging with a diverse audience provided valuable feedback on our products… and helped us build brand recognition and  networks…”

Annes Perfection’s incredible success and preparation provide an inspiring example of how women can succeed in trade.