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TFO Canada Annual Impact Report 2021-2022

TFO Canada is proud to present its second Annual Impact Report. As was the case in the previous year, COVID-19 continued to dominate, influencing how we went about performing our work in a very significant way. Given the global challenges we are faced with, trade-led development remains our focus.  In fact, it truly is the centerpiece of our work.

The TFO Canada Impact Report 2020-2021 highlights TFO Canada’s success in cultivating new funding partnerships, fostering strong relationships in the countries where we deliver our projects and expanding our network of associates across the globe.  All of these have allowed us to continually adapt and deliver impactful results.  From working with trade support institutions in several developing countries to build the capacity of small and medium enterprises on export strategies, to supporting the governments of Peru and Indonesia on enhancing a number of trade facilitation processes that will save time and money for companies doing business in these countries, to planning for market access activities for many project beneficiaries in 2022, TFO Canada has been able to advance on its mission during the year.   We also developed a brand-new website!

Once again, none of this would be possible without the strong partnerships that we’ve developed over the years with various funders, partners, associates, and other important stakeholders.

Impact Report 2020-2021