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Success Stories

Were you able to increase your sales to Canada through our assistance? Let us know!

ProColombia, Proactive, Pro Gender Equality

During the months of March to June 2021, TFO Canada conducted Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) trainings under the Women in Trade for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth (WIT) project for beneficiary country Trade Support Institutions (TSIs). more

Kenya - JEILO Collection: Reducing textile waste in the fashion and textile sector

JEILO Collections is a social enterprise created in 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya, by founder Grace Mbugua. more

Indonesia - Women at the forefront of manufacturing

Surianti Ang is the director and owner of Queen Pacific Suksesabadi, a trading and shoe manufacturing company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. more

Mali - Where Tradition and the Environment Meet

Djiguiyaso- which means “house of hope” in the Malian language Bambara-  is a cooperative  established in Mali in 2004. more

Colombia - Mambo Studios: Growing online

Juan Manuel Duque is the CEO of Mambo studios which has been exporting services out of Colombia for the last 7 years. more

Indonesia - Crafting Hope

Aling Nur Naluri Widianti is the founder of Salam Rancage a not for profit social enterprise that supports local women in Borgor, Indonesia, by providing them with trainings on how to produce handicrafts made from locally recycled materials. more

Cambodia - Cambodian women’s social enterprise’s success through trade and development

Villageworks Cambodia Company Limited (Villageworks) mandate embodies Agenda2030 beautifully as their activities cover a number of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) specifically SDGs 5, 8, 10 and 12. more

Dominican Republic - Online matchmaking results in beneficial Dominican Exporter-Canadian Importer connection

As Elliot Ortiz Vasquez drives from his company’s farm in Miches, Dominican Republic to its packing house in Bani to finalize paperwork for a shipment of sweet potatoes destined for Canada, he is happy with the decision he and his partner made to go global with their produce business. more

Ghana - Market entry plan activates TAMA Cosmetics’ access to the Canadian market from Ghana

It is a sunny Monday and SeKaf Ghana Limited has just purchased 18 metric tons of raw shea nuts from their women’s cooperative and brought to the warehouse. more

Cambodia - Weaving bonds between Cambodian and Canadian women

Lovely, quality Southeast Asia silk Since the 13th century, Khmer silk has been considered the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. more

Tunisia - A love affair with fresh Tunisian dates...and Canada!

Dates: A natural, artisanal and rational affair   The fruit of a 100% natural process free of chemical additives, dates harvested in the Tunisian oases possess exceptional nutritional values. more

Morocco - When Moroccan citrus tickles Canadian palates

Canadians love citrus fruits Since 2015, Morocco has been breaking ground into the lucrative Canadian citrus market. more

Honduras - Honduran exporter wins big in Canada's demand for Asian vegetables

Ginger Export is an Honduran agro-exporter, specializing in Asian vegetables grown in the Central American country for export to the North American market. more

The Tim Hortons TFO Canada Coffee Partnership: A unique program that is leading the way in gender equality

In August 2014, Tim Hortons and TFO Canada partnered to expand the Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership program in Guatemala. more

Costa Rica - Rapid development and fast-paced markets benefit from global value chains

Many Canadian tech start-ups have experienced the heart-pounding, dawn to dusk race to successfully debut a new product or service. more

Costa Rica - Canadian digital tech companies are discovering this nearby staffing solution

An average of over 36,000 new ICT jobs have been created in Canada in each of the five years leading up to 2017. more

Philippines - Newly Opened Trade Office of the Philippine Consulate General in Toronto Finds the Right Partner in TFO Canada

“The services that TFO Canada provides are very unique. more

Over 30 Years of Sourcing Partnership between TFO Canada and M&M Twins Limited

“When you go on a trade mission with TFO Canada, it gives you more credibility because it is a signal that you are a good buyer, which suppliers like. more

Peru - Weaving the Past With the Present in the Mountains of Peru

Spinning yarn and weaving cloth has always been an intrinsic part of the Inca society and to this day Peruvian weaving is unsurpassed anywhere. more

Sri Lanka - Sri Lankan Company Growing Strong, Doing Good

For the third time in many years, Annes Junaid, Managing Director of CBL Natural Foods, got the opportunity to attend TFO Canada’s SIAL Trade Mission in 2016. more

Bolivia - Trade Mission Accomplished: Superfood accessed the Canadian Food Market

As more people adopt a healthier lifestyle, diets are changing, to include foods that are nutritionally better for you - one such food is quinoa. more

Colombia - Social Good Builds Strong Colombian Cooperative

To optimize Canada’s contribution to the Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, TFO Canada hosted an organic trade mission to Canada, to help Colombian small and medium sized businesses become export ready. more

Support from a Partner Could be the Difference between Success and Failure

As part of its mission to bring importers and exporters together to conduct business, TFO Canada regularly sends out e-blasts to let importers know about upcoming international trade missions. more

Guyana - What a Difference a Little Training Makes (Artisan Project in Guyana)

When multimillionaire and master copywriter, Ted Nicholas said, “Every super successful [person] is constantly working to improve skills. more

Ethiopia - Ethiopian Fine Textiles Preserve Culture by Creating Jobs

Sammy Abdella founded Negist in 2005 with his mother, sister and two artisans working out of his family home in Ethiopia. more

Ethiopia - The Path from Aid to Trade: Ethiopian Leather Attracts Canadian Business

Brook Debebe is not your average businessman. more

Swaziland - Harnessing the Rich History of Weaving in Swaziland

Weaving together tradition with innovation, Gone Rural is championing a new model of social enterprise to empower women in rural communities. more

Indonesia - Coco Sugar Indonesia: Attending International Trade Shows Add to the Bottom-Line

Worldwide coconut consumption in its many forms, is on the rise, as health conscious consumers discover its many health benefits. more

Dominican Republic - Dominican company access Canadian market with value-add exotic food products

If there is one thing Ramon Ortiz wants you to know about his country, it’s that the Dominican Republic has much more to offer than beaches and all-inclusive resorts. more

Jewellery Exporter Learns the Secret of the Canadian Market

After CESO volunteers delivered two market access workshops in Bolivia on behalf of TFO Canada, Sheila De Alencar was one of nine exporters selected to participate in a trade Mission to Montreal and Toronto. more

Peru - Face-to-Face Contact Reigns Supreme in a Virtual World

It’s often been said that you don’t know what you don’t know. more

Peru - Empowering Peruvian Mango Exporter to be Export Ready for the Canadian Market

Asociacion Agroecologica Tambogrande (AGROTAM) a small organic mangoes producers association in Tambo Grande of the Piura region of Peru made up of five associations with over 200 growers covering 350 hectares of organic mangoes orchards needed help in accessing the Canadian market. more

Ethiopia: Youth Internship Inspires Business Venture

  What started as a youth internship for Jessa Blades, has blossomed into a small business endeavour, sustaining employment for Ethiopian women, while offering Canadians a sample of handmade silks and cottons from the African country. more

Guyana - Succeeding in a Man’s World: Amazon Authentics Navigates the Hurdles

Irene Bacchus-Holder is a woman in a male-dominated sector – the wood products industry in Guyana. more

Peru - The Canadian Market is Sweetened with Peruvian Chocolates

The Beginning The Shattell Chocolates Company was established five years ago in Lima, Peru, as a result of Lisi Montoya, the founder of the company, noticing a lack of quality chocolates in the Peruvian market. more

Burkina Faso - Sourcing Shea Butter: A Buyer’s Perspective (Burkina Faso Project)

Maiga Shea Butter is a Canadian company with African roots. more

Panama - Panama Hot Sauce Producer Spices up Canadian Market

Marianela Martinez de Alvarado realized a career change was in order after one of her clients failed to find Panamanian culinary gifts to take back home. more

Palestinian Territory - An Ancient Craft Finds a Modern Market

For more than a thousand years, olive oil-based artisanal soap has been manufactured and traded throughout the Middle East. more

Haiti - Caribbean Craft’s Sales Continue to Grow

Although Haïti has significantly reduced its unemployment rates over the last decade, it still has one of the highest rates in the world. more

A fresh produce trade exhibit in Montreal

  Have you ever heard of passion fruit, granadilla, pitahaya, tamarillo or gooseberries? If you’re like most Canadians, you’ve probably only heard of a few of these fruits as they’re typically foreign to Canadian consumers. more

Burkina Faso - TFO Canada working with Shea Butter producers in Burkina Faso

  Generations of African women have used shea butter for cooking and medicinal purposes. more

Peru - Organic Mango Farmers Rise to the Challenge

The lush, tropical Piura region in north-western Peru is ideal for fruit growing. more

Dominican Republic - From Dominican Greenhouses to Canadian Supermarkets via TFOCanada.ca

From Edgar Guzman’s finca , it’s a good 30-minute drive along farm tracks and highways to the airport connecting the Dominican Republic’s second largest city, Santiago de los Caballeros, with the outside world. more

Caribbean Giftware Project Illuminates Luna Design

Caribbean Giftware Project Illuminates Luna DesignWhen everyone contributes even just a little bit, it all adds up That’s the philosophy that Luna Design, a high-end hand crafted goods producer from Barbados, applies to its socially responsible initiatives. more

Indonesia - Indonesian women exporters taking it one step at a time

  When you live in Jakarta, Makassar or Banjarmasin, cities like Paris, Tokyo and Dubai seem like a world away. more

New opportunities for suppliers of exotic products

With Canadian consumers becoming more creative in the kitchen, imported specialty groceries have become a growth market for suppliers like Montreal-based ID-Foods Corporation. more

Colombia - Caribbean Exotics: a little tropicana to our table

Canadians may not have heard of the Antioquia province in Colombia, but there’s a fair chance they have tasted some of the produce grown there. more

Caribbean Spirits Mean Business

On the face of it, an island-hopping jaunt to the southeast Caribbean seas in search of the region’s finest rums may seem like a shoe-in for TFO Canada Mission of the Year, any year. more

From feathers to fine cotton linens

When Natalie Barhumi drew up plans to open a second boutique and workroom a few kilometres from her existing Miraflores neighbourhood in Lima, Peru, she never thought her luxurious bed linens and cushions would be attracting attention more than 6,000 kilometers away … in Canada. more

CEPICAFE - Exploring the Canadian Market

  Fair trade is increasingly becoming a catch phrase synonymous with cocoa and coffee. more

Peru - Latest fashion trends find Peruvian connections

Unlikely as it may seem, Canada’s francophone population in Quebec City and the citizens of Lima, Peru have a fair amount in common when it comes to the latest fashion trends. more

Practicing environmental sustainability in trade pursuits

FRUTAS POTOSI BUCARAMANGA – COLOMBIA   Frutas Potosi is a medium agro-industrial company in Colombia doing its part to protect the environment, while also growing trade. more

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